In high school English class, the teacher would on some days say “USSW”.  What that meant was “Un-Structured Silent Writing” and It was just that.  No talking, no topic, no rules, didn’t have to turn it in, pen in hand, paper on desk, writing for 50 minutes…..about whatever popped in or through our wee minds.

I loved it.  

I would write about everything…..a habit I wished I’d have continued beyond my high school english class.  This morning as I sat here trying to figure out what my “tagline” for my new blog would be, I had no idea what to say, and so I have no tagline.  And as I continued on to the part where it indicated I would create my first post, I had no idea what to write… I thought of USSW.

Over the years, I’ve read some really great blogs.   I tend to gravitate toward the very personal and honest sharing of experiences and expression.  When I read them I can understand not only what they’re saying, but what they must be feeling, ’cause I’m feeling it.  These people seem real…..for all I know.  I mean, I don’t know them personally, I’m just reading what they write….right?  Ok, that was weird.

I grew up “in” church, which means I know all of the Sunday School songs, have sang in a church choir or two and yet I’ve spent a fairly significant part of my adult life wondering  who God is….I think that’s why I’ve so many kids ’cause they’ve taught me something about who he is and, more particularly, how he loves.  He’s very different from who I thought he was.

I’ve learned, ever so slowly, that it’s so much easier to say I believe in God and his love (did I mention knowing ALL those Sunday school songs), than to walk that out daily and show that love to others.  That’s flippin’ hard.

I’ve learned that the longer I’ve known him, the more I realize I have yet to learn about him.  He’s flippin’ huge.

And I’ve learned that being right or righteous (there is none righteous…..not even one) isn’t worth the loss of a good relationship; they are rare indeed.


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