a bit about me

Married with children, 8 of them.  No, I am not Super Woman, not crazy or on medication and I don’t believe I have a “gift”.  Raising 8 is completely different than caring for kids that are not your own. 

Yes, I am happy.  Yes, there are times when I wonder what life would have been like if……don’t you do that?

Obviously children have played a big part in my life; well, actually the past 26 years of it, and to a great degree I characterize myself as “mom” and soon to be “gramma”.  It’s great!  I love being a mom.  It’s the toughest most rewarding job (yes, it’s a job) going.  Before I was mom, I was Debbie, eldest daughter to Harold and Lynn, granddaughter of Frank and Dorothy and we all lived happily ever after on St. Joseph Island.

Ya, I’m an Island girl…..but not the kind that wears a lei and a hula skirt.  St. Joe, as we call it, is located in northern Ontario in northwestern Lake Huron.  Apparently, it is the second largest Canadian island on the Great Lakes, the second largest island on Lake Huron, following Manitoulin Island, where I now reside……for the second time.  By the way, though I knew Manitoulin was the largest, I didn’t know St. Joe was #2.  Kudos to Wikipedia.

I randomly blog about my kids, life experiences and matters of faith. This is not a “How to” blog about anything.  I do this ’cause it’s cheaper than therapy ’cause you see,

I am definitely NOT Superwoman!,


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